Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just Part of a Crowd

Like a lot of my poetry, I come up with it or the first lines of it while showering/bathing.  I'm hoping this doesn't sound too emo; it's meant to be more contemplative and a little bittersweet, but not obnoxious or pining.  Well, here ya go.


I saw you for the last time.

Not in my mind but in my heart:
A tangible existence before me.
Yes you were real, but….

You didn’t notice me. I was just

Another person.
No one you looked for.

But maybe you used to. Maybe
You even saw me as half of your reflection once.


And now so many words fall into dust between us, blossoming like so much poetry between us, words that will never come to fruit. Words you will never hear and

Words you will never speak.

I saw you for the last time.

Not in my mind but in my heart.
A dream worth having just one more time.
And I can’t help thinking:
     All those times I gazed so intensely
          Knowing you were slipping beyond my reach
               And I still tried to memorize just a little more of your face and
                    Knowing that even if I saw you again you would change and not be the person I could remember. The peak of your hair; the brush of strands over your ear or

the mole on your right cheek. A way to know you so intimately because you wouldn’t let me know you any other way.

A way to remember a person who didn’t want to remember me.

I saw you for the last time.

Wishing it was the first time.

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